New Teleplace Server Release

We just finalized the release of the Teleplace Enterprise Server 3.5 which is our first product release based on Squeak 4.1. The process of moving our code base from the (3.8 based) Croquet images to Squeak 4.1 had been ongoing for a while by me posting most of our internal patches to the base system into the trunk during 4.1 development. Once this was done we were basically ready to switch but due to the potential risks of such a fundamental change the switch didn’t happen until after the Teleplace 3.5 client release went out.

For those of you interested in the details, our base images are “moderately shrunk” versions of Squeak 4.1, meaning that we’ve unloaded many packages that we have no need for (incl. Traits, Etoys, Protocols, SqueakMap, Universes etc) but keep some (like MVC) that for historical reasons other packages depend on, and others (the various Tests packages) that have high value for a relatively small footprint. Our typical base image starts around 10MB, after we’ve loaded all of our development packages it goes up to some 27MB and when it’s been readied for deployment (which removes unnecessary fonts and trims the MC ancestry) it’s at 17MB total. Needless to say, all of this is powered by Cog.

Oh, and in case you were wondering why I’ve been somewhat quiet recently: Not only did we just finish a release, we also have a new CEO. Either one alone would keep me busy, having both at the same time is … a bit overkill 🙂 Hopefully I’ll find some more time to spend on Squeak soon.


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